A Little Help From Lulu

Yet again, it’s another rainy day.

Days like these can be the best excuses to curl up with a mug of Tazo Zen Green Tea and revisit Silver Linings Playbook for the third or fourth time.

Although no one would pass up a chance to spend an afternoon with the dashing duo Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, most of the times we just don’t have a choice. Whether it’s going to class or running errands, nothing seems attractive in such gloomy weather.

Meet my rainy-day-go-to best friend: Lululemon.

Lululemon offers the perfect balance between comfortable and cute.  It shows off your fit physique that you’ve been working on for weeks, yet still gives you the right amount of stretch. Lulu will leave you looking appropriately put together on such rainy days without reaching the “you tried too hard” look.  From pants, crops, tanks and hoodies, the outfit options are endless.

Complete the look by throwing on a baseball hat or a Lulu headband, because on days like these, the last thing you want is that uninvited frizz in your face.

Cute and comfortably, Lululemon will get you through these days, and soon enough you will be back tucked beneath the covers.

Stay dry!


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