As a current college student from Boston, I am constantly trying to maintain the necessary balance in my chaotic life.  With a love of nutrition and fashion, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but of course enjoy life’s sweetest indulgences at times.  From the extra rainbow sprinkles on my froyo to splurging on the cutest new tank, sometimes these indulgences are simply unavoidable.  I believe maintaining this balance is the key to life.


This summer I am interning for Sisco+Berluti bracelet company! Sisters, Carolyn Berluti and Lisa Sisco, have been working together for years, beading these beautiful stacks. From neutrals to neons, they are the perfect addition to any outfit. Due to the versatility of beads, the combinations of bracelets are endless, allowing each person to express their own unique style. Whether I am going for a night out or simply going to the beach, Sisco+Berluti bracelets are the perfect accessories.

Now it’s time to stack it up- get your first stack or keep the collection growing by visiting our website: http://siscoberluti.com/index.html

Sharing the same obsession? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and ‘like’ us on Facebook for the chance to enter our contests and earn discounts!

Twitter: @SiscoJewelry

Instagram: SiscoBerluti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sisco-Berluti/196001877097327


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